How to Become a Cannabis Grower for Your Local Dispensary

Marijuana stores are popping up everywhere and they all need cannabis growers to supply them with that sweet ganja. 

The 2020 presidential debates told the world that cannabis is going to be legal in the United States of America if the democrats win. So now that they've won, it means there's going to be a huge demand for growing weed. But, there's not enough experienced people to fill the demand. So if you want to grow marijuana for a living, you better get some of the best cannabis seeds on sale here.

The current lack of skills means higher wages for those that already grow as a career. It also offers a great opportunity for you, the aspiring grower to get educated and earn a great income doing what you love. So get on the cannabis bus and start growing cannabis from authentic weed seeds to get a step ahead.

Best Strains To Learn How To Grow For A Living

You Love Growing Cannabis and You Love High Wages

Everyone loves high wages, but becoming a cannabis grower is full of regulations. You need to be prepared and have all your paperwork completed to be the first in line for that high paying job.

Become a Licensed Cannabis Grower

To become a licensed cannabis grower you'll need a cultivation license. You'll need to fill out an application and pay the application fee. There are other fees involved, so be financially ready when you begin filing.

Cannabis Growers Should Be Budtenders Too

We think there is even a better job opportunity for cannabis growers that have excellent social and marketing skills.

As a customer, it would be nice to get quality answers about your cannabis needs and wants directly from the grower.

You'll need to communicate the effects patients have medically using the strains you're growing and dispensing.

Credible Budtender Certification Options

Just be wary of all those budtender certification options, some are more credible than others. They usually all have low fees, but some teach more than others.

You'll want to chose a budtender certification that offers you very thorough classes and is teaching you about the latest product releases.

You need to learn the regulations, rules and laws. Some great teachers will even go through the history and plant chemistry with you.

Be prepared as a professional grower and or budtender. Prepare for your job interview as well. These certifications are easy enough to pass, you shouldn't worry about that. If you pay attention, take notes and do a little homework, you should pass without a hitch.

Hands on Training is The Best Choice

The best certifications offers hands on training. They may cost a little more but I think it's money well spent. If you don't have any hands on classes in your area, you should consider buying some quality cannabis seeds and teaching yourself. 50% of growing high quality, top shelf premium weed is from the genetics, the other 50% is from the skills of the grower. So it always helps to grow from quality genetics from the start.

Take Your Marijuana Growing Career Seriously

You're going to be part of a large team serving your community. As a cannabis grower you'll need feedback from the front line budtenders at your Medical Marijuana dispensaries. You'll need to communicate back and forth to help make sure the strains you grow are suitable for the patients. It's absolutely invaluable information.

More Professional Female Marijuana Growers

Even if your name isn't Mary or Jane, you may consider growing pot as a career.

Some dispensary's offer flexible working hours, so you can manage your parenting days the way you want. It can be difficult growing 9-5 with young toddlers. But many grow warehouses have 24 hour access, so you could tend to the garden after the children are asleep for a few hours and get your job done when it suits you.

Plants need care often, but they shouldn't care if its 9am or 9pm so you should be able to get your job right with flexible hours.