BC Seeds Review

We got many requests for a BC Seeds Review, and we just got around to doing it, so enjoy! Here is a thorough review of BCSeeds.com. For me personally, they’re the best place to buy the world’s greatest cannabis genetics. They have the World’s Strongest Strains like Sky Heaven. We deal with a lot of marjuana growers and they’re always looking for the world’s greatest strains. So we always send them to buy their seeds from BC Seeds. It’s because they’ve got the wickest strains out there. No other seed bank has genetically modified weed and no other place has got high THC and CBD. BC has got it off-the-charts, so they have great strains for growers to use for breeding and creating new strains of their own.


BC Seeds Review


Best BC Seeds Strains

Really, there’s so many great strains at BC Seeds to choose from. One of my successful creations that I bred using BC Seeds is Alaskan Elephant. I took a tall Alaskan Delight male and crossed him with a shorter Elephant Bud female. I created a medium height plant with off the charts yields when she’s grown outdoors. And the buzz is powerful and so energetic for having so much Indica in her.

Why Buy from BC Seeds?

When you buy from BC Seeds, you’re buying direct from the breeder. You’ll save a good amount of cash by cutting out the middle man. You’ll also get the best hand selected seeds. BC makes sure each seed they sell will germinate for you. They only select like the best of the best for their customers, so you also save money because each seed will sprout into a strong and healthy plant. Other seed banks just mix in every seed they harvest from the plant whether it’s matured or not. That’s why you hear other seed banks getting only 70% germ rates or worse, but with BC Seeds, it’s 100%. That makes BCSeeds.com Reviews so great.

If you’re a commercial grower, it makes sense to buy seeds with 100% germ rates that turn into strong plants. You’ll save time therefore you’ll save money hiring staff and pay lower electricity costs. BC just has good geentics, so you don’t muck about wasting time getting your grow operation up and running.

Seed Bank For the Connoisseur

If you’re like me and you hate smoking commercially made cannabis, than you’ll want to grow your own weed. Smoking weed you grew yourself is so much better, especcially if you’re growing strains from BC Seeds. They have thousands of reviews over the last twenty years, so it makes it easy to find a strain for your particular desires. If you’ve ever drank a craft beer and then tried to drink a commercial brand, there’s no comparison. The same goes for BC’s strains. Once you try them, you won’t ever want to smoke anything else.

Final Thoughts

So that’s our review of BC Seeds. It’s a top notch seed bank with a strain for everyone. They have good customer service and you can contact the breeder directly with any grow questions you may have. That’s makes this seed bank a great place to do business with.

P.S. Many of our staff here grow their Oracle bud and swear by it.

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