Learn to Grow Cannabis from the Masters of the World

Learn to grow cannabis from the masters of the world and expand your knowledge for your job. Cannabis Growing Adventurer is a blog I will be doing for the foreseeable future.

I travel to densely populated cities and some of the most remote places on Earth, risking my life to bring you the secret knowledge of cannabis growing from around the globe. Some Dutch growers were very sophisticated while others in the Caucasus were, well, not so much. But the resulting bud they grew was surprising to say the least.

Learning to Grow Cannabis in the Caucasus

The Caucasus are full of brave mountain tribes with a long history of cooking with cannabis. They have primitive growing technology, actually they weren’t using any technology at all. With just their bare hands, buckets that were falling apart and a knife they could plant, water, weed and harvest their mountain land race cannabis.

Growing Perfectly Balanced CBD and THC Cannabis

Sometimes you just need to stay away from technology and let nature do its thing. The main secrets the people of the Caucasus was their cannabis chef’s. When they grew, they just planted their seeds, poking an inch hole with a stick and burying the seed with some local water from a bucket. Next they would keep the soil damp until the seedling broke ground. Then it was basic care, making sure they had enough water and removing any weeds. During flowering later in summer, they would add their egg shells from breakfast to their gardens.

When it was time to harvest they would remove the smaller plants and keep the larger plants growing longer to produce more seed. This is how they created a mountain hybrid. They only planting the seeds each season from the largest plants they left to seed.

Happy Smoking Mountain Weed

The smaller plants that were harvested for bud still had seeds, but these were just discarded into the fire they were sitting near. They did not grow sensimilla bud because they never took down their male plants. They seemed happy enough smoking bud with some small immature seeds they would sometimes remove before smoking it in a pipe.

The results were wonderful and unlike the Afghan Kush weed I was used to smoking. The Caucasus created a perfect balance of CBD and THC naturally from their mountain conditions. The high was very pleasant keeping my mind sharp. My aches and pains from rouging it in the rugged mountains disappeared from my mind. I had energy and I like that the most.

More Growing Tips From Around The World

Stayed tuned for more growing cannabis tips from the Dutch Masters.

What was your best growing experience and what country were you in? Leave your comments below, I can’t wait to hear from you.

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